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There is no secret, only the usage of premium ingredients. Pomegranate extracted juice is a well known for its potency and sexual boost it provides, and we use higly concentrated pomegranate 70% ellagic. Countless researches and newspaper articles confirm that, and MaleExtra uses only the freshest and purest sources for pomegranate ellagic and other herbal ingredients.

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MaleExtra comes with a doctor endorsed and user tested program, that ensures your full success in enlarging your penis and having a better sex life. With MaleExtra potent formula, regular pill supplementation as stated on the box, and a superb excersise program (that comes with your every order), you will be seeing results at an incredibly fast rate.

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Penis size, facts and answers

The average penis size

Basicly an impossible answer due to various aspects that affect it, but unified theory is that it ranges from 12.9 to 15 cm (5.1 to 5.9 inches). Considering that is a very big variation of the infamous average measurement, the only correct answer can be that any unified number can not be important, and that every man should look at himself as a separate story.

What effects penis size and normal penis development?

It was believed that only genetics were the key factor, but later studies have shown that diet and chemical exposure through life are of very high influence on penis size and penis development in general. An old saying of “you are what you eat” can be greatly used in this context as well, considering some types of food have important effects on boosting the male hormonal levels which in fact enables the body to develop stronger and more “advanced” sexual organ. Considering that erect penis size is very closely related to the quality of human vascular system, the quality of blood, blood vessels and the complete system ability to “send” blood to the male sex organ, it is important to provide the body with needs of achieving and maintaining high levels of potent nutrients.

What are the psychological effects of penis size?

Penis size through out the history has become the ultimate symbol of manhood, and it closely effects self esteem and the whole strenth of male character. Proven studies and personal experience always lead to the same fact, that men which are happy with their penis size are much more confident and live their life without worries and the whole feeling of holding back in many sexual or non-sexual social relations, which enables them to thrive in every aspect of personal and business life.

On the other hand, it is a scary fact that many men ignore their fears and problems, without even trying any of the recommended solutions. Living in 21st century and with recent modern science and medicine breakthroughs, it is always possible to achieve the desired state of your sexual health and penis size.

Women and their penis size prefference

It is not hard to conclude that women will always preffer a bigger penis size, due to simple fact of sexual satisfaction, which makes a wider and longer penis stimulate larger tissue area at once, which will enable the women to achieve faster and stronger orgasms. Studies have shown that women value both width and girth of their sexual partners, and all men that fall in the satisfactory category are u

sually psyhologicly more stable and able to perform much better than men having doubts about their below average size, which in fact ruins the level of their partners satisfaction.

Is it possible to increase penis size?

As with everything in life, a change is always possible, and with recent studies of male reproductive system, many solutions were tested and proven to have the desirable effect on male penis size. Certain types of nutrition supplements will have positive effects on the whole vascular and hormone production system, which will maximize the blood flow to the organ and enable it to extend its natural pontential

Erection and everything about it

What is an erection?

Penile erection is a physiological occurance where the penis becomes enlarged and firm, and is a result of psychological interaction with male vascular and endocrine system. Normal healthy erection enables the man to have a highly stimulating and a high quality sexual experience.

Erection during sexual activity

As we all know, a healthy erection should enable the man to enjoy a fullfulling sexual episode of passion and sexual extasy, with an explosive finale displayed as a powerful orgasm. Long and durable erection is the prime key in sexual plesure of a man and his partner.

Woman point of view

Researches have shown that in female mind, a strong penile erection is portraited as the ultimate sign of masculinity, as well as a sign of health and good reproductive capabilites in a male. Regular erections and a normal healthy sex life also display a certain aspect of life stability and give your partner an aspect of promising sexual future, without the need to change.

Shape and size of an erection

A normal erection is pointed upwards or even vertically upwards. Most of the erected penises have a slight curve to one side. If the curve is highly pronounced or makes the person unable to performm during sexual activities, it should be corrected with a device for resolving such penile issues (check the penis curve problem solution here). Size of an erect penis is mostly set by male genetics, but also depends on many other health factors (psychologycal as well as physical), and can be helped with high quality supplementation of chosen male enhancement products (read more about it on our site or visit our recommended supplementation product). The key to a bigger erection is to maximize every single component that creates it, and with modern supplements that is proven and possible.

Erectile dysfunction and how to get rid of it

There are numerous life happenings that can lead to partial or even full erectile dysfunctions, and are mostly related to health issues (such as vascular problems) or even completely psychological (low confidence or high stress levels). With modern medicine breakthroughs in key components of male sexual potency (such as pomegranate 70% ellagic), erection dysfunctions are rapidly becoming a forgotten thing. Potent ingredients work in unison with your body vascular and reproduction systems, providing the building components of a stable blood flow to the penis and stimulating the mind for more sexual desire, literally waking up your body and making the sexual experiences become a normal part of the life as they should be. With regular intake of such supplements, you will notice a daily improvement in your erection strenght and firmness.

Some men may need a little help with triggering their body into a sexual state of arousal, due to tiredness or minor mood issue, and that is not considered a dysfunction, it is more closely described as a bad timing for a sexual activity. However, with powerful sexual boosters (such as  the Instant Performer), it is now possible to achieve a strong erection and develop a hard craving for sex almost instantly, and without any health side effects that products like Viagra may bring.